Past Projects


After the City of Philadelphia refused the gift of a park site from Smith-Kline, the corporation hired AWSS to investigate the site and either to advise them of what was necessary to remediate the site (if remediation was the appropriate option) or to present a case to the City that the site was acceptable as it stood. AWSS conducted detailed research on the site, what work had been accomplished, and the completeness of records concerning the work and possible liabilities. After the research was completed, a paper was presented to the City of Philadelphia that resulted in the City’s approval of the site, which is now Franklin Town Park.

Private Sector Banks

AWSS performed environmental liability analyses for clients such as the Long Term Credit Bank of Japan, Wilmington Trust Bank, 1st National Bank of Chicago, National Bank of the Main Line, Provident National Bank, and others. These analyses included review of materials and assessments, historical research, and direct site investigation (all over the country – New Mexico, California, Oregon, Texas, New York, Maryland, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey) when appropriate. AWSS also assisted banks (because of foreclosure), corporations, and individual business owners with structuring remediation plans and/or PRP strategy development and cost recovery including technical assistance and expert testimony in court suits.

AWSS managed the remediation of a Superfund site for Dayton State Bank in Texas. AWSS worked with Dayton State Bank, U.S. EPA, and the Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission (TNRCC). The remediation was managed from the very beginning discussions and definition with EPA, through a successful suit for cost recovery for the clean-up.

PECO Electric and Local Businesses

AWSS has satisfied clients in Frazer, Coatesville, Blue Bell, Exton, and center city Philadelphia. The issues addressed were all environmental, but varied from air quality and regulatory compliance to hazardous waste disposal.

Department of the Interior

AWSS consulted on energy and environmental issues with the Department of the Interior regarding the Endangered Species Program and the furor over the Tellico Dam and the Snail Darter. The work related to the Tellico Dam was based on a detailed cost-effectiveness study.

Nationally Known and Local Law Firms

AWSS has worked successfully and effectively with several nationally known law firms on client issues that required definition and a way to proceed while minimizing client liability and risk. Firms included Dickstein, Shapiro, Morin, & Oshinsky (D.C. office); Dechert, Price, & Rhodes (D.C. and Philadelphia offices); and Pepper Hamilton, & Scheetz (Pittsburgh office) and other local firms around the country.